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om the mid-17th century onwards, aggression by Tsarist Russia had led the Qing govern▓ment to remove the Ewenkis to the area along the Ga▓nhe, Nuomin, Ahlun, Jiqin, Yalu and Namoer -- tributaries of the Nenjiang River. In 1732, 1,

600 Ewenkis were called up in the Buteha area and ordered together with thei▓r family dependents to perform garrison duties as frontier guards on the Hulunbuir Grassland. Their descendants are now the inhabitants of the Ewenki Auto

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nomous Banner.Kenya, Uganda MPs resolve to avert illi▓cit cross-border crimeKITALE, Kenya, April 1(Xinhua) -- K▓enyan and Ugandan lawmakers ended three-day peace dialogue i▓n the western Kenyan town of Kitale by petition▓ing their

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governments to develop appropriate mechanisms to prevent and eradicate illicit cross bord▓er activities particularly cattle rustling. The legislato▓rs said systematic and comprehensive measures sho▓uld be adopted by the two stat


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es to address illeg▓al cross border and ensure its negative social and economic consequences are eradicated to secure people's livelihood. Ekwee Ethuro and Sammy Agwel from Kenya and Ug▓andan respectively led the MPs to challeng

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